Get Summer Shred in 21 Days With This FREE Workout Plan

The summer is near, so there’s no better time to start with this ‘Summer Shred’ 3 Week Free Workout Plan!
This workout plan is real simple: Choose between 3 to 5 days to workout and keep this up for 3 weeks.

A Workout Plan for example could look like this:

Workout daysMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaterdaySunday

Choose a warm-up and cooldown routine to begin and end your workouts with.


Warm ups are incredibly important before you start a workout, here are some of the benefits!

  • Increase body and muscle temperature
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Increase flexibility

5 Minute Full Body Warm Up:

5 min WARM UP Before your workout:

Cool Down

5 min Standing Cool Down:

5 min COOL DOWN Routine:

Week 1 t/m 3

Day 1

Let’s start with a calm abs workout, to slowly prepare the abs for the workouts to come. After that, we end with an intense HIIT workout, in which we raise the heartbeat and stimulate the fatburning.

10 Minute Beginner Abs Workout:

20 Minute Intense Full Body HIIT Workout:

Day 2

Today we work on all big muscle groups in our body. Starting with the abs- core-, arm- and backmuscles. After, we continue with a workout that solely focusses on the leg- and glute muscles.

15 Minute Upperbody and Abs Workout:

15 Minute Leg Burn Workout:

Day 3

We work on the ab- and leg muscles with the first superset workout of today. After that, we end with a workout for the entire body. Here, we sligtly raise the heartbeat by working out without jumping exercises.

15 Minute Abs and Legs Workout:

15 Minute Low Impact HIIT Workout:

Day 4

Day 4 starts with an abs workout of 10 minutes. Followed, by a HIIT for the entire body.

10 Minute Abs Burn Workout:

20 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout:

Day 5

We’ve come to the last workouts of this week! Today we also focus on working out all major muscle groups in our body. Starting with the abs- core- arm- shoulder and back muscles. Next, we continue with a workout that focusses on the legs and glutes. Let’s end this week strong!

20 Minute Upperbody and Abs workout:

10 Minute Slim Legs and Booty Workout:

Did you manage to keep up these training sessions for 3 weeks? Congratulations!

You completed the Summer Shred Workout Plan!

Did you enjoy this training and are you satisfied with what you have achieved so far? Please consider following me on Youtube. Twice a week new workouts will be uploaded on this platform. I’m also active on Instagram with every week new workout schedules, nutrition and fitness inspiration!

Aren’t you done with working out yet? Also take a look at my 4 week and 12 week workout plans.

Thank you for joining and enjoy your summer!

Sharon ❤

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